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Welcome to the Bananasplit website. Currently this site delivers various services most of which are intended to aid the privacy and anonymity of Internet users. It also contains some more personal items such as my photo gallery and one of those AboutMe sections.

Mixmaster Remailer

Mixmaster is the standard Type-II anonymous remailer system. It enables users to send Email completely anonymously, or pseudoanonymously. The network consists of a number of Mixmaster server nodes that are located around the world. Messages are passed from node to node prior to delivery to the final destination. This in combination with encryption makes it impossible to trace the originating source.
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Remailer Statistics

This section provides a picture of the current state of the Anonymous Remailer Network, this includes: Reliability Statistics, Encryption Keys, Capability Details and various other Remailer related information.
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Mail2News Gateway

This service will accept a specially formatted Email and redirect it to one or more Usenet groups. This can be especially useful in conjunction with Remailers, where the primary function is Email. A Mail2News Gateway simplifies the task of redirecting these Emails to Usenet groups.
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About Me

Just a very brief look into who I am and the things I do. Please be prepared to encounter substancial sarcasm and cynicism within this section. I haven't actually put anything of that nature on the page yet, but it's only a matter of time.
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About Bananasplit

Some information on the Bananasplit environment and the machines that comprise it.
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Other links

A couple of links to other sections of my website.
Photo Gallery
Web Blog
Remailer Stats
Remailer Web Interface

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